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About Athena


Retired U.S. Navy engineer, a scientist, a technology entrepreneur. She has been an advocate for clean energy to take us safely into the 22nd century for over a decade, now. She is also a community member, mother, grandmother and wife.  All of these experiences have shaped her life and helped her understand that the next chapter of her life should be in public service. 


Clean energy economy advocate. Athena is currently taking her experiences as an energy engineer, Community Solar coach for DOE, and past president of the New Mexico Solar Energy Association to shape next year’s legislation to bring Community Solar to NM. Opportunities for economic development include project development, construction, investment, and subscriber companies. 


Community, family, and faith. Balancing her work and advocacy with raising three sons in a multigenerational household was always challenging. When COVID-19 became evident and measures for defeating it were issued, she acted. She immediately designed a no-sew mask, set new rules for visiting her 91 year-old mother, and began following the data and seeking reliable information. She knows that while we may be inconvenienced now, we will all appreciate everyone’s efforts in the future when we can once again be more physically connected. For more, visit her Ballotpedia page.

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