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Voting Information

“Vote or die!” and David held up a drawing of a dodo bird and claimed that’s why the dodo bird went extinct…It never voted!

Voting is always important, but it’s even more critical this year. Go to for reliable voter information and to order your absentee ballot. Make your plan for voting, today.

For non-partisan candidate and issue information the League of Women Voters has expanded online to

The New Mexico Secretary of State is the official and trusted source for all voting information.
Absentee and early voting information from the New Mexico Secretary of State.
For the latest information on voting, go to

For Bernalillo County:

Oct 6 – 16
Bernalillo County Clerks Annex

Oct 17 – 31 Bernalillo Voting Locations and Times

View Your Sample Ballot 
 Even if you have requested an Absentee Ballot, you may still vote in person.

Request Absentee Ballots by October 20

Prepare and Return your Absentee Ballot

  • Prepare Your Ballot
  1. Place your voted ballot in sealed inner envelope.
  2. Place the sealed inner envelope into the outer envelope with all information required for acceptance. 
  3. You must sign outer envelope.
  4. You must give the last 4 digits of your Social Security number. 
  • Return your Ballot
  1. BY MAIL:  It must be received by 7pm, Nov 3, so mail your ballot before Oct. 27 or
  2. IN PERSON:  To a drop box at any Early Voting Site or any Election Day voting location 
  3. DRIVE THRU on November 3 ONLY: drop off location in front of City Hall on Marquette and 5th Street (drive in left lane west on Marquette from 3rd street, watch for signs and personnel). Voters will drop off their ballot through a car window and receive an “I Voted” sticker. **subject to change**

Nov. 3  Voting Sites in Bernalillo County Election Day. In-person voting is open 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Absentee ballots must be received by the County Clerk’s Office or any Election Day polling location no later than 7 p.m.  Vote or drop off absentee ballot.
     Even if you have requested an Absentee Ballot, you may still vote in person.

You can still register to vote until October 31! In Bernalillo.

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